Ulysses Pascal

Adult Interventions

Adult Interventions is a growing archive of .txt documents that resonate at the intersection of the body, power, gender, technology, and loneliness in the dark alleys off the super information highway. As a participant observer in adult video chat rooms under the screen name malaise69, I interject questions and comments concerning love and modernity and trace their effects. Though I am often ignored or ridiculed as a male avatar not taking part in the libidinal economy through the exchange of compliments, stars, “mmmms,” and cum, Adult Interventions offers a glimpse into the dim solipsistic future of desire, illuminated only by the grey-blue glow of the empty space surrounding one’s textual impermanence.

- Untitled 35.txt -

[x] malaise69: has the internet changed the sex drive?
[x] malaise69: ?
[x] Brian26: High
[x] malaise69: hellow

- Untitled 15.txt -

[x] malaise69: Are you a cyber mistress?
[x] polkaPops: I think so
[x] malaise69: what do you make men do?
[x] polkaPops: Watch ice malaise,I make em do tht
[x] polkaPops: Harder slave!
[x] polkaPops: Do it till u feel like cummin
[x] malaise69: make him tye stuff around his cock and masturbate for you?
[x] polkaPops: Hardr!
[x] icerock: Have to stop because i com
[x] icerock: Cum
[x] polkaPops: I didnt give u permission
[x] polkaPops: Brb

- Untitled 9.txt -

[x] malaise69: ne ladies wan 2 talk about modernity?
[x] ipohmali: Y dont u do with some 1?
[x] lotie: I wanna you to lick my clitt desperately’
[x] xxxata: Ur wet pusyy lick want
[x] malaise69: u ever thing about digital reproduction?
[x] malaise69: u ever think about society after digital reproduction?

- Untitled 34.txt -

[x] jessiegrace: Wb woobanator
[x] paul777: Wb wobo
[x] Clover1: Wb

- Untitled 1.txt -

[x] 1onelove: eavwet you are hella glitched out
[x] asas66: Imzersradio body you nice
[x] 1maykelcam: Hi vivian
billruns has given 1 Star to vivianloloiu!
[x] vivianloloiu: Stars to show
[x] addicted2u: Porn r u true?????
[x] taydiggzz: Vivian u r so perfect
[x] 1onelove: prove you are real vivian
[x] Evawet: Vivanloloiu go to hell
[x] jay561: Wave vivian
[x] 1hornyGuyxX: Wow vivian hot body6
[x] 1onelove: lol @eva
[x] MAYNIE: She aint real
[x] MAYNIE: Lol
[x] 0pornboy: Yes i am
[x] nomalom: Vivian, Wawtch me cum?
[x] addicted2u: I wanna suck it porn...Ur hot
[x] 1onelove: yeah fu vivian
[x] dozer49: Viv.....Beautiful hun
[x] Keizer: Iv vivianloloiu real? .... That’s a bit hard to believe
[x] Boylovelly: Hai .... Imzersradio ........ Show .... Plz
[x] 1maykelcam: Vivian is a video
[x] fawaz80: Imzersradio
[x] fawaz80: Helooo
[x] 1onelove: nobody is real on the internet
[x] 1hornyGuyxX: Ok nice video of a hot bod

- Untitled 13.txt -

[x] malaise69: yall believe you can find a connection with someboyd online?
[x] SweetLucy: Sure you can find a connection .... But i am not sure if that connection can translate to real life
[x] malaise69: do you think being online makes you a different person somehow?
[x] SweetLucy: Different from when you were not online?
[x] malaise69: sure
[x] SweetLucy: I think it does in a way
[x] malaise69: yeah i feel more aware that im preforming something
[x] malaise69: especially on here
[x] SweetLucy: It allows you to open up more .. See that it out there .. What you like and dislike
[x] SweetLucy: It can
[x] SweetLucy: It can give you more confidence .. Make you feel better about yourself
[x] malaise69: haha really? It just makes me depressed and lonely
[x] SweetLucy: Not really
[x] malaise69: oh
[x] malaise69: ?

- Untitled 3.txt -

[x] SARA32323: Cum handsfree ok?
[x] SARA32323: Do you have sound?
[x] 1onelove: yes
[x] SARA32323: Pls stand
[x] SARA32323: More light
[x] SARA32323: U wanna play jerk n stop
[x] SARA32323: Stop remove hand
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Yes
[x] SARA32323: Do you have oil?
[x] SARA32323: Get it
[x] SARA32323: Oil it
[x] SARA32323: Turn to cam
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Add oil
[x] SARA32323: Mmmmm
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Do you have a coffee mug?
[x] SARA32323: Talk
[x] SARA32323: Get it
[x] SARA32323: Yes
[x] SARA32323: Oil the handle
[x] SARA32323: Yes
[x] SARA32323: Fuck it
[x] SARA32323: Mmmmmm
[x] SARA32323: Fuck it until you cum
[x] SARA32323: Do you like it?
[x] SARA32323: Ok use hands
[x] SARA32323: Add oil
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Faster
[x] SARA32323: Faster
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Stop no hand
[x] SARA32323: Go
[x] SARA32323: Cum
[x] SARA32323: Are you almost there?
[x] SARA32323: Yes
[x] SARA32323: Faster
[x] SARA32323: Cum
[x] SARA32323: no hands
[x] SARA32323: Mmmmmmmmmmm
[x] SARA32323: Ty

- Untitled 18.txt -

[x] malaise69: cybergod i am sorry i have sinned
[x] Ashleii: Me too
[x] CyberG0D: :-)