Psychiana Magazine Release Party
Issue 3: Humiliation

Friday, December 12, 8-11pm

LA Contemporary Archive at Francois Ghebaly Gallery
2245 E. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Music! Drinks! Performances! Temporary Tattoos! Humiliating Tarot Readings!


Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal and Graham Kolbeins present Who is this? an SMS durational performance

Molly Jo Shea, Take Stock in Yourself, a motivational stand up comedy routine

Liz Toonkel aka Jizzy Lizzy performing four songs from her upcoming rap album Consensual Art


Request for Submissions - Issue 3: Humiliation

Imagine a society in which humiliation is essential - as a rite of passage, as a passport to decency and civilization, as a necessary shedding of hubris.
-Wayne Koestenbaum, Humiliation, 2011

Psychiana seeks to explore the question of Humiliation for its third issue. Humiliation can be both a pleasure and a pain; a reminder of the human experience and a degradation of its dignity. We experience others’ humiliation as if it were our own, and our own humiliation through the eyes of others. Humiliation can be incidental or profound; a fleeting memory or a life-altering discovery. A humiliating incident can make you both a better person and a worse person; it can teach you to appreciate what is lost or value what is sacred, but most importantly, humiliation is precious. It is an everyday admission, omission, and commission -- we engage in these acts intentionally, for the sake of others; and unintentionally, for our own sake. We value our own humility alongside our humiliation. In private, we value others’ humiliation above their humility. The word “human” sounds etymologically related to the word “humiliation,” but it’s not. Or, probably not.

Humiliation manifests in a number of ways, from the completely mundane to the totally unusual, and Psychiana endeavors to explore the value embedded within these thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

As always, no project is too big or too small! We seek essays, plays, poems, stories, confessions, infographics, recipes, advice, indices, critical theory, curricula, and visual art of all kinds. In addition to drawings, paintings, photography, and visual submissions of any kind, we also welcome a proposal for the art insert: any kind of gift that can fit into a bound format: think postcards, games, music, jewelry, etc. The sky's the limit!

The final deadline for complete submissions is Thursday, August 1.

- Written Submissions may be as long or as short as you want. Please be aware that work may be edited down, however we will be in touch throughout the editorial process if deemed necessary. Please send all written submissions to letters@psychianamagazine.org.

- Visual Submissions may comprise any medium that can be reproduced in a printed form. Please send all visual submissions to arts@psychianamagazine.org.

- Art Insert Submissions should include a short description of the proposed work, a drawing or model, and a sample budget for materials and production. Please note: while we are able to fund production up to $100, this project must be feasible and replicable in an edition of 200 or more. Please send all art insert submissions to arts@psychianamagazine.org.


Issue Two Launch Party

Aura Reading by Stephanie Dodes
Facepainting/Disguises by Jesse Van Buren

Music by Belle Mare, Matthew Joseph Xavier Doyle and dj self help

Invisible visuals by Maya Rudolph

As well as a marketplace featuring Invisible Items for sale including:
Lies by Kricket Lane and Virtual Staycation Glasses by David Kirshoff

8pm - Late

260 Johnson Ave. Brooklyn



Issue 2: Invisibility