Carolyn Chen

How to Assemble a: for 6 voices

{NOTES:6 parts: A,B,C,D,E,F
[Bracketed words] of subsequent speakers grouped together in spacing overlap the last speaker’s [bracketed words], which are secondarily important in discernibility.
Like nebenstimme.
Speakers start distributed throughout space. Gradually assembling a row, a functioning wave-form hand-to-foot zipper, a human pyramid. Articulation of space possible when not speaking.}

- Carolyn Chen Hangzhou, 10.26.12


A: How to assemble a [saxophone]. {all together}
B: [Emergency preparedness kit]
C: [Bicycle]
D: [Team to buy a business]


F: Let’s talk basics.

A: If you want to know how to put a saxophone together, you’re at the right page. These instructions apply to most types of [saxophones.]
B: [You may feel] anywhere from uncomfortable to truly afraid about the prospect of a terrorist attack in your town or city, especially since it could come in so many forms.

E: Begin by laying all the components on a flat surface.

C: Open the top flap and carefully pull everything out of the box.

E: Ask these questions.

B: Will we have to deal with nuclear emissions, biological agents, chemicals, suicide bombings, cyberspace attacks?

E: What is the compatibility of the parts?

D: But did you consider a technology analyst, who could help evaluate the state of the company’s technology?

F: Are you ready?

D: Now what?
E: Make sure that they are placed on anti-static sheets or wrappers.

A: Make sure the hook is hanging at the [front.]
F: [To get] the best results, make sure that

[each layer lines up with the ones beneath it.]
A: [Make sure that the wider end of the ligature slides on first to] match the shape of the

E: [motherboard]
D: [And just like] when you go about a home for the first time, you’ll want to make sure you’re not going in blind.


E: The main points to consider are purpose,

[availability, compatibility, and cost.]
B: [Crackers, granola bars, cereals, trail mix.]

E: One mother[board]
B: [Instant] coffee and tea.

E: One compatible [processor with cooling fan]
B: [Sugar, salt, pepper, other spices.]

E: [One compatible memory module, one tower casing with power supply, one pack thermal paste or grease.]
B: [Antibiotic ointment, cleansing agents such as isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, germicidal soaps, moistened towelettes.]

C: Other necessary tools include wire cutters, [a set of metric allen keys, a set of metric open-end wrenches, flathead and phillips screwdrivers, cone wrenches, a pedal wrench and an air pump.]
B: [Needles,tweezers,scissors,thermometer. Ducttape,scissors, plastic sheeting. Aspirin, anti-diarrhea medication, antacids, syrup of ipecac] to induce vomiting, vitamins. Fire extinguisher.

D: It can be really beneficial to have someone to play the ‘bad cop’ during negotiations.

A: The screws should be on the thick bottom part of the reed, facing you. Tighten the ligature.
C: You’ll also need some waterproof grease, chain oil and a rag.

B: Supplies for babies and the elderly. Supplies for your pets. Keep your gas tank filled.


A: It is not necessary to do all of the steps in this exact order.

D: It’s not like buying a car. There are things sellers would rather not tell you, like that [75 percent of their business comes from a single client.]
E: [One graphics card, if the motherboard does not have a built-in video adapter.]

D: This is not a case where you want to save a few dollars by hiring your cousin who happens to be a lawyer, but specializes in [divorce law.]
A: [If it’s difficult] to slide on, do not add cork grease.

[Do not force the neck on and be careful to not damage the octave key.]
F: [Each time I put the next layer of cake on, I get down at eye level and spin it slowly on a turntable to check for any major high or low spots.]
C: ...[Add more grease as needed and then adjust the hub cones so they spin freely] with very little play.

A: Line it up.

F: No cheating.

E: Screw the drive in place to secure it.

C: Open the hubs on both wheels to check for grease. [Watch the wheel-truing tutorial to see how to de-stress and true the wheels.]
D: [You’ll also need to have someone on your team that will help you] secure the financing you’ll need to get the deal done.

F: Even a barely warm cake can cause your icing to melt.
B: Include jumper cables, flares, ice melt and other seasonal items.

F: Don’t let the filling rise higher than your border. That defeats the purpose of having a border.

E: It should fit the rectangular hole at the back of the casing.

B: At least three days--longer is better.

F: Any taller than that, and you’re in danger of having an unstable cake.

B: [Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, mudslides, heavy snowstorms, earthquakes... the list goes on and on.]
A: [When the neck goes on the body and the neck is twisted, the particles may act like sand paper and do more damage.]
D: [That way the buyer can ask the tough questions but blame it on their intermediary while preserving the relationships with employees and key partners they will need.]

It could create leverage in [negotiations.]

E: [Level of difficulty:] Intermediate

D: It’s not like buying a car.


{measuring time independently, allowing overlap while listening to align or highlight lines}
A: Line it up. Take the reed out of your mouth and place its flat side on the flat part of the mouthpiece. The thin, curved end of the reed should line up with the thin end of the mouthpiece.
B: Buy bottled water or store tap water in washed plastic, fiberglass or enamel-lined metal containers. Sanitize containers with a solution of one part bleach to ten parts water before using.
C: These days you can get a great deal on a new bike by ordering online. Today we’ll learn how to properly assemble a mail order bike right out of the box.
F: Line your serving plate with strips of wax paper. To get the best results, make sure that each layer lines up with the ones beneath it.

D: That’s why you need to build a sharp team that can help uncover as many skeletons as [possible.]
F: [Lop off ] those domes.

C: To save these for future use, cut them just before the head and then pull out [and recycle the remaining piece of zip-tie.]
B: [Paper, pens, pencils. Needles and thread.]


A: These instructions apply to most [types of saxophones.]
E: [Apply thermal paste to the cooling fan]

[of the processor.]
A: [Apply cork grease to the cork –]

[where the mouthpiece connects to the neck of the saxophone.]
D: [And what kinds of experienced professionals should you include on the team?]
C: [Apply some grease to the inside of the seat tube, slide the seatpost in to the minimum insertion mark, grease the threads of the seatpost bolt and tighten it just enough so it will hold the weight of the bike.]

B: The bakery departments of grocery stores receive pre-made frosting in covered buckets and will often give you those buckets free. Cat litter and other products come in suitable 2-3 gallon covered buckets.

A: Put the neck strap [around your neck.]
F: [Put the “brown” side of the layer on the very bottom.]

A: Put the fully assembled mouthpiece on the neck.
F: Put the top layer on, and push a few toothpicks down inside.

F: This coat won’t be visible.

E: This may be an IDE or a SATA cable.

D: It would be wise [to get good counsel from an insurance agent or expert who can help map out what kind of coverage you might need before] pulling the trigger on the deal.
E: [This may be the AGP or the PCI-e slot, depending on what components you have.]
F: This helps to stabilize the layers, especially if you’ll be transporting your cake.

D: Settling on a price for the business is [something that your investment banker or broker will help with.]
B: [Ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice if you wish to store your regular prescription medications.]

F: Be aware of your icing consistency on the crumb coat.

E: These may be 20- or 24-pin ends.

D: Be in place with the [current business owner.]
E: [Connect the power supply to the board.]

A: And be careful to not damage the octave key.

C: These can be used again for odd jobs.

A: Be on the thick bottom part of the reed.

D: Always be at a disadvantage. Be a risky proposition. Be a lawyer.

C: [If you have sealed cartridge bearings in these places you can skip this step.]
B: [First aid manual, scissors, sterile bandages, gauze pads, cotton balls, safety pins, latex gloves.]

F: I’ve got photos coming out my ears here.

C: Then clamp [the seatpost in your repair stand.]
F: [But you can use a large bread knife, too.]

F: But it’s [something that a lot of would-be decorators overlook.]
C: [Grease all of the stem bolt threads and shaft if you’re installing an older quill-style stem.]
A The thin, curved end of the reed should line up with the thin end of the mouthpiece.

B: Peanut butter is a good source of protein.

F: But if your cake is lopsided [or falling over, or oozing filling out the sides, that’s the first thing people will see.]
D: [That way the buyer can ask the tough questions but blame it on their intermediary.]

E: Spread the compound evenly [on the metal surface.]
F: [A slightly thinned-down] buttercream works really well. If it’s too thick, it’ll tear your cake apart.

A: The grease will act as glue.

C: Ideally you should [have a repair stand.]
A: [The neck should go on] very easily.

F: But it should be [as close as you can get it.]
D: [Evaluate what you should or] shouldn’t pay for.

F: Either way, we win!

E: It should fit the [rectangular hole.]
F: [Your cake] should be the invisible canvas underneath your
beautiful work of art.